Sea and marine field professional
seasoned and passionate
I wish through NAVMAR
that you can benefit from my experience as a marine surveyor.
  • Civil boats
  • Military boats
  • Passenger boats
35 years of experience in the
civilian and military navies

My goal is to advise and accompany you on each of your projects, whether short, medium or long term.

In order to bring you the best services, I am myself traveling around the world, and acting in all fields of marine activities: merchant, military, fishing marines and yachting. Also, many years spent abroad have helped me weave an international network of important contacts (Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia ...), thus giving me the opportunity to work with many correspondents everywhere in the world.

These experiences have also allowed me to acquire a double competence: technical expertise and project management, which made me your unique interlocutor.

Un savoir-faire


Maritime expertise

Want to buy a boat or sell yours?

Whether individual or professional, I propose to make a pre-transactional expertise, detailed visual and metrological observation boat, which allows to know the real state of the boat. The findings are intended to check and advise on the items checked, the state of maintenance and airworthiness of the boat.

Project management

You do not feel able to manage your single project?

With an experience in project management, I propose to support you in the complete management of your maritime project: resource management, budgeting, contract monitoring (compliance costs, deadlines), track purchases, monitoring and control construction and/or repair; and while performing your technical expertise of your fleet.

Technical and financial advice

You need deep expertise, examination or diagnosis in a particular area?

I propose to conduct a full technical expertise of your boat, which will be followed by a detailed report of his condition, and technical recommendations: achieving pre-certificate, promotion and market research, study ISM / pre-survey for flag - ISPS study before the boat returned to the water.

Construction monitoring

Want to have a comprehensive support for monitoring your work?

I propose to take charge of tracking your shipyard: study of the successful process compliance and regulation, strategic and technical recommendations, work monitoring... and to support you in all your steps inherent to the project.

Ship Management




NAVMAR intervenes on the "LEX F2000" program on behalf of DCNS under maintenance programs and modernization of part of the saudi arabian military fleet. These programs correspond to the different services contracts, of which the most recent LEX (Life Extension) was initiated last fall 2013. The LEX contract relates to the maintenance of 4 Madina-class frigates (frigates 2000) and two Boraida-class replenishment oilers built in the frame of the Sawari1 programme.



NAVMAR carried out the expertise of the shaft line on behalf of ARC on a former military vessel (scottish fisheries protection vessel Norna), reinforced by the Scottish Marine, in La Rochelle retrofit on site "ATLANTIC REFIT CENTER" which was then the subject of a conversion to a passenger carrying yacht, ENIGMA XK .



NAVMAR is in charge of the management of a supply vessel in West Africa.


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